About Scrip

What is Scrip Fundraising ?

It's a Gift Card Fundraiser!

Scrip is a fundraising program where an organization buys gift cards at a discount and then sells them to families at face value.

In short, an organization asks supporters to pay for their everyday purchases with gift cards bought through the "scrip program" and a percentage of every gift card sold is generated as "profit".

This means an organization can raise money as a fundraiser by simply asking families to purchase items they would have normally purchased anyway.

It's a win, win, win.

  • the organization has a fundraiser
  • the supporter buys what they would have purchased anyway
  • the retailer is selling their products and services.

Every day purchases can add up quickly.

Example Gift Card Purchase

# Families
Gift Card
Fundraiser Profit
Macy's Gift Card
Panera Gift Card

The Key to Success

The key to a successful scrip fundraiser is creating a program that is both convenient for families and efficient to manage.

Convenient for the Families - The fundraiser must be convenient for families to place orders, pay for orders and track their purchses. The process should be as seemless as making a purchase from any well established business. If it is not easy or convenient, families will not support the fundraiser.

Efficient to Manage - The day to day fundraising activities must also work like a well oiled machine or volunteers will get frustrated and lose interest in the program. The secret here is "process". The scrip program should be established using proven methods for order taking, gift card inventory, accounting and processing payments. That's where Online Scrip comes in!

Online Scrip delivers a complete solution to manage every aspect of your scrip program.

And best of all low cost ACH payment processing is built-in. Learn more about Online Scrip

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